GlobalLogic – is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide.

Webasto GMBH –The company, which has been developing and manufacturing products for the automotive industry for over 75 years, is among the world’s largest 100 suppliers for the automotive industry and one of Germany’s top 20 automotive suppliers.
Axis – is one of the biggest producer of high quality weighing instruments for industry and home.
Gaben Ltd – high standing distributor of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for the national agricultural producers.
 IMaslo – national web store leader of automotive lubricants, greases , technical liquids and tires.
 Overlack – niche supplier of industrial chemical products.
 Last Minute Tour Agency of Kushnir
 Group of companies “RІО” –the best known producer & reseller of foodstuffs.
 Studio «Web-Style» specializes in developing websites and implementing websites of various complexity from concept definition to create a complete and effectively functioning web project.
 ARBOR SEED is a professional consulting services organization which specializes in corporate application development. Its offshore and near shore resources enable ARBOR SEED to provide the highest quality software development at reasonable rates.
IT Prosteer is a team with experience in developing innovative solutions for business optimization.
PayPro – Complete Solution to Sell Software, SaaS, Services & Digital Goods Online.
FUJIKURA – global electrical equipment manufacturing company, developing and manufacturing power and telecommunication systems products, including devices for optical fibers, such as cutters and splicers.
Keel Solution – Keel offers consultancy and mobility solutions to companies in the Energy Sector within the field of asset data management.
MSV Multicall – Call center, customer support service, secretary services and online store support.
Olimpik LTD – Housebuilding, construction of cottages, production of windows, doors and decoratiorations made from natural wood, aluminum and polimers.
and more than 300 different clients…