• I was lucky to seek advice at A. Z. Partners. The inheritance case I was involved in initially seemed absolutely ordinary. Eventually, however, I faced a tangible threat of losing property and had to live through an extremely painful and exhausting experience. I was cheated and almost lost a large amount of money having turned to a wrong lawyer. Personally for me it is important to trust my lawyer and feel certain that he treats my case as though it was absolutely unique and more important than all others. In fact, here, at AZ Partners the lawyers placed the same importance on my case as I did and they were equally committed to the positive outcome. I was surprised to realize I can fully trust them despite my previous experience and whatever I asked I was given logical answers. Moreover, the lawyers here were able to predict all contingencies. During my first conversation with Andriy Zubach I understood and felt that his knowledgeability, professionalism and confidence would ensure my success. What was also important was that their lawyers are highly respected in court, and their professionalism and polite behaviour deserve recognition and corresponding attitude. Apart from successful outcome of my case I appreciate my own moral condition, inner harmony and sound nervous system. With this team you will always feel confident, you will stop worrying about things and all your problems will be cared for!!! The team aims only at a positive outcome. If you are not sure about something in your case, just seek advice at AZ Partners. You will have no desire to search anywhere else.

    Tetyana Khabibrakhmanova
    Head of Bureau of Foreign Cooperation

  • A. Z. Partners helped me set up my first business in Ukraine in 2005. It was done quickly and efficiently. Since then, the firm has been there for me when I needed it. Clients can expect professional service and multi-lingual support. I highly recommend them.

    Tony Clarey

  • Webasto Thermo and Comfort Ukraine has been in the market for over 10 years. During all this time „A. Z. Partners“ have provided us with legal counseling. This close cooperation allowed us to resolve multiple disputes, and carry out and expand our business diplomatically in compliance with the valid legislation of Ukraine. Zubach and partners have been representing our interests in courts and other state institutions. They have invariably acted in a reliable and professional manner. We expect to carry on our work with Zubach and partners, as they employ highly-qualified lawyers, who are always eager to come to aid.

    Andriy Promkin
    Vebasto Thermal Comfort Ukraine

  • I've had an honor to work with A.Z. Partners in Ukraine as well as in international projects. Their professionalism, reliability, focus and commitment made our cooperation splendid and successful. I could always count on A.Z. Partners team's support. Each time they took our issues close and were able to find the right solution. Sincerely Yours,

    Anna Gwradys
    Executive Director, RFcell Technologies Sp. z o.o.